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Manasa can improve her grades!


Dear Wilma,

Six year old Manasa is in first grade in Sarada Vidyalayam. Her father, Prakash works as an agricultural laborer . They live in a joint family which includes Manasa’s grandparents, aunt and her cousins, in the village of Thimmavaram, in coastal Andhra Pradesh.

Manasa’s father earns up to $4 a day which does not suffice to meet the needs of the extended family. Under such circumstances education is never a priority for parents who believe that if the child works instead of going to school, they can bring in a supplementary income.

In order to encourage Manasa to continue her studies, Sankurathri Foundation provides free education to her. Otherwise a bright student, Manasa’s teachers noticed that she had started lagging behind in studies. They also noticed that she kept rubbing her eyes and staring at the blackboard. They decided to get her eyes examined and found that she had poor vision. She needed corrective glasses to be able to see clearly again.

Her father could not afford to pay for this sudden medical expense and sought help from the school authorities. Your generous donation, Wilma, enabled Sankurathri Foundation to provide her with a pair of glasses.

Thank you Wilma for helping Manasa see better, thereby helping her improve her grades!

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